On April 18th, the Eighth Asian Welding Technology and Application Forum -- 2021 Intelligent Welding and Surfacing & Additive Manufacturing Technology International Forum was successfully held in Ningbo, a beautiful coastal city in Southeast China.More than 220 industrial experts from 16 counties attended this forum through online or offline format. 10 overseas experts including Dr. David Landon - President of the International Institute of Welding (IIW) delivered the professional topic speech through online and 7 domestic experts made the topic speeches on the venue.

This forum was co-hosted by the Asian Welding Federation (AWF), China Welding Association (CWA), China Building Material Machinery Association (CBMMA) and International Alliance of Skills Development (IASDBR), organized by China Welding Association Surfacing and Additive Manufacturing Working Committee and China Building Material Machinery Association Welding Technology Division, and co-organized by Beijing ARC Science and Technology Co., Ltd., China Welding Association- Trade Promotion Working Committee and Shipbuilding and Maritime Engineering Special Committee, aiming to improve the innovation capacities in welding and surfacing & additive manufacturing Technology, promote the technical exchanges among experts, scholars and enterprise employees, enhance the international exchange and cooperation in advanced manufacturing technologies & skills, and promote the integration of technologies and market application.

图片1图片2        Pictures of Forum Venue


Dr. Liu Zhenying - President of China Welding Association Surfacing & AM Committee, Chairman of AWF Technical & Application Committee, Vice President of China Building Material Machinery Association and President of International Alliance of Skills Development presided over this forum. Mr. Li Liansheng - Vice-President and General Secretary of China Welding Association and Mr.Sze Thiam Siong- President of Asian Welding Federation were invited to attend and deliver the opening address on the forum.




      The topic of forum includes three aspects — Welding, Surfacing & Additive Manufacturing and Future Skills Exchanges. 17 experts on the fields of Welding, Surfacing, Additive Manufacturing and Re-manufacturing from USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Bulgaria, Ukraine, India, China participated in this forum and delivered the significant topic presentations. It was an international event featuring academic exchange, technological innovation, ideological collision and practical experience sharing.





Ms.Feng Meijuan who is Supervisor of China Welding Association, Mr. Lu Tong, Mr.Ye Deping, Ms.Zhang Ninghong and Mr. Chen Shujun, who are vice presidents of China Welding Association (CWA) attended the forum.

This international forum has achieved a complete success, driving the technological innovation on the welding and surfacing & additive manufacturing,promoting the development of Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Manufacturing and Digital Technologies in the welding and surfacing & additive manufacturing fields. It was a beneficial exploring to new international seminar through the integration between online and offline mode.

At final, let us jointly enjoy the information of 17 international experts and abstracts of their presentations as below.


Speech Abstract 1

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2019 Belt&Road and BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition Open in Gu’an

arc cup new 1

Morning of 6th,Sep , 2019 Belt&Road and BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition China Division Opened in Gu’an,Langfang city, Hebei Province, total more than 800 persons attended the opening ceremony including participant from home and abroad, represents from BRICS BC, leaders ,experts and others China Welding Association, China Welding Technology Association of Workers, China Invention Association, China Center for International People-to-People Exchange, Ministry of Education, Langfang international chamber of commerce, Zhongguancun Science Park Haidian sub-park.The following honored guests attended the opening ceremony, they are :The Chairman of China Machinery Industry Federation Mr Wang Ruixiang, Vice Chairman of All-China Federation of Trade Unions Mr Gao Fenglin, Secretary General of China Invention Association Mr Yu Huarong, chief supervisor of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Mr Song Tianhu,Vice president of China workers' education and vocational training association Mr Bi Jieli,  Director of China Center for International People-to-People Exchange, Ministry of Education, The Chair of BRICS BC China section Skill Development Working Group and the president of International alliance of skill development Dr.Liu Zhenying.
The Competition including: Seventh International Welding skills Competition, Third welding Technology Competition, First All-Position Automatic Welding Competition for pipeline, Mechatronics, Internet of Thing, Industry internet, VR/AR, Reversing Engineering and Elevator Assembling. The aim of this competition is to build a international cooperation platform for talent of Belt &Road and BRICS skill development and technology innovation, speed up cultivate for future skill talent, promote and improve the level of globe future skill.
The Competition get great support and participant by BRICS and Belt& Road Countries, total 564 excellent competitors from 109 teams compete together, among them, 108 participants from 10 abroad teams, including Russia, India BRICS countries and Romania, Indonesia, Iran, Bulgaria, Serbia, Vietnam, Cameroon Belt and Road Countries, 456 participants which including HongKong from 16 state-owned companies,22 vocational college/secondary school, 4 related companies and organization.

arc cup new 2

As Known, most of oversea competitors of Arc Cup international welding competition are the best one in their own country, the domestic competitors are all excellent welders from state-owned company and colleges after several selection competitions. They also took part in the Sixth Robot international welding competition which is one of Arc Cup event. Now they will compete in every project of the Third Welding Technology international competition and Seventh Welding skill international competition.

arc cup new 3

Begin with 2010, the Arc Cup international welding competition has hold 6 sessions already, total more than 1500 excellent competitors from domestic and abroad show themselves and exchange with this platform, the achievement of competition get highly admitted. Which be honored “welding world cup” , the competition has become one of the most important competition.
This competition play an important role in promoting international skill development and technology innovation, Future skill talent cultivation and international technology cooperation.
Firstly, The competition has wide range, its skill level has the full representative
Domestic 154 competitors are from 16 state-owned company including CRRC, CNOOC, DATANG GROUP, HUANENG GROUP, ENERGY CHINA, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry company, National Energy Group, CNPC, CNPC engineer company, CNPC 7th engineering company, China Aerospace, China Military Group, China Railway science and industry group, China Railway Equipment company, Zoomlion, China Nuclear Engineering company. Which cover all basic industry system aerospace, aviation, energy, ocean, transport related in welding. That is to say, this competitor skill ability stand for China welding industry general level and the level of general manufacture industry, we also invite great country craftsman Mr Gao Fenglin as Judge, He welded the rocket motor more than 90 pcs, which is 40% of total rocket launching, get through more than 200 tough difficulty.
The participant also include about 100 young student, they are from Wuhan shipbuilding vocational college, Changzhou engineering vocational college, Jilin railway vocational college, Jilin vocational college of electronic information, Guangxi Mechanical technician college total 23 vocational/secondary college, The international welding competition is their ladder to success, In the future, they will be the new force of welding talents in every field.
Besides state-owned company and vocational college, there are also 25 competitors from 4 companies related to welding such as Chengdu Hangli group, Zhengzhou Yuguang composite material company, They represent the social power and innovative vitality that cannot be ignored in China's welding industry.
Second, This competition will promote the process of future skill talent cultivation and improve the general level of international intelligent manufacturing.

arc cup new 4

This competition include industry internet, mechatronics, Internet of thing, Reverse engineering and VR/RA, which are the core skill of intelligent manufacturing, The implementation and promotion of these competitions can not only promote the progress of intelligent manufacturing technology, but also promote the transformation, upgrading and development of local and even national manufacturing industry by developing future skills projects focusing on intelligent manufacturing.
Third, this is an effective platform for international skill talent training, contribute to Belt and Road Construction.
Belt and Road Construction not only need Hi level management and professional technical persons as support, but also a team of highly skilled talents with excellent skills and high quality is needed as the pioneer and main force.
Arc Cup competition with wide spread participation, strictly requirement, high level, focus on skill development and technology innovation, is a great event for every country welding talent, also a high level skill compete with each other and review. So every session Arc Cup is a good change for competitor to learn and exchange, At the same time, inspiring welders' enthusiasm to learn welding technology and welding skills, it has also cultivated a large number of skilled talents who can meet international engineering requirements and be familiar with international technical standards.
More than 300 “state-owned company technical talent” “state-owned company young talent” which selected from Arc Cup competition has become technology backbone and skill leader of every company. Total more than 80 colleges participated and won the international prize, supply better chance for student future.
With the development of Belt &Road proposal and BRICS cooperation mechanism, the excellent competitor who stand out from competition will use the resource and talent advantage of vocational education ,speed up meet international environment ,move all country skill standard harmonization process, help the company who has oversea project solve the local skill talent training problem, let the talent as the pioneer of Belt&Road, set bridge for Belt and Road construction.
Fourth, Belt&Road and BRICS skill development and technology innovation competition will become a foundation stone for belt&Road and BRICS, also for globe future skill development.
2019 Belt&Road and BRICS Competition is one of exchange activities for driving political ,economy , humanity among Belt&Road and BRICS countries, also an important mechanism of BRICS long term Cooperation.
Previously, 13 skill competition start competition in China division and more than tens of thousands of people took part in this competition, the skill including 3D printing modeling, stamping die design ,AGV operation, digitalization control technology, Internet of Thing, Industry Robotics, internet innovation, elevator maintenance, industry smart AGV platform, big data, mobile robotics, international robot welding, block-chain technology. The following skill competition was held in Russia division ,including rapid prototyping, VR/AR, Block-chain, industry design, industry robotics, internet of thing, machine learning and big data, mobile application development, reverse engineering, UAV operation, robot welding ,industry 4.0.The winner competitor of China division take part in Kazan future skill competitor and got 1 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze achievement.
The organizer of this competition is international alliance of skill development. Which is a platform for Belt&Road and BRICS in training, certification, standard harmonization, competition, technical exchange and talent flow. Now this there are more than 300 members, all parties will cooperate closely to speed up talent training and flowing.

arc cup new 5

We look forward to seeing the BRICS competition can root in China and spread to world according to BRICS and Belt& Road proposal, drive the cooperation in talent training and skill research, culture exchange among BRICS and countries along the Belt and Road, drive the cooperation in training talent between colleges and companies along the Belt and Road, to be the foundation stone of BRICS and globe future skill development.

Following Belt and Road’s Step, Hong Kong Welding Competition Shines Brilliantly

                  ----2017 2nd Hong Kong Welding Professional Skills Competition

After the 1st Hong Kong Welding Professional Skills Competition held successfully last year, Hong Kong Welding Industry Employees Association and Hong Kong Construction Industry Council jointly held the 2017 2nd Hong Kong Welding Professional Skills Competition. The Opening Ceremony was held at the Aberdeen Process Testing Center of Hong Kong Construction Industry Council on December 3rd, 2017. Deputy secretary of Development Bureau (works) Ms. Lin Jinping (JP), Electrical and Mechanical Services Department director general Mr. Xue Yongheng (JP), Legislative Council member Ms. Mai Meijuan (BBS, JP), President of Welding Industry Employees Association Mr. Cai Yibiao, Director of Training & Development of Construction Industry Council Engineer Liang Weixiong attended the Opening Ceremony. Dr. Liu Zhenying was also invited to attend the Opening Ceremony and deliver a speech.


The president of Welding Industry Employees Association delivered a welcome speech and expressed our hopes of getting more social concern through this competition, prompting government and related training institutions to provide diversity training, including skills upgrading courses and high voltage welder training courses, so as to make the welders to be more skilled.

Following the direction of national policy, Belt and Road program involves a number of infrastructure and railway construction in the future, which also provides many opportunities for Hong Kong industries. International Alliance of Skills Development (IASDBR) president Dr. Liu Zhenying said at the Opening Ceremony: “Through the efforts of all colleagues, the Hong Kong Welding Professional Skills Competition has built a platform for competitors to exchange skills, to promote better understanding and enhance cooperation in the industry.” Dr. Liu Zhenying hopes that Hong Kong could hold Skills Competition with IASDBR jointly in the future. IASDBR is an international communication platform for technical exchanges, talent flow, standards coordination, skills training and certification in different Countries around the world. It aims to promote the development of education, skills, training, certification, and occupational skills standards in different Countries around the world, to integrate skills development resources such as education, capital, projects, manpower, information, services in different countries, to cultivate international highly technical and skilled professionals, and to promote infrastructure construction and global industrialization development process in different Countries.


International Alliance of Skills Development (IASDBR) President Dr. Liu Zhenying Delivered a Speech at the Opening Ceremony

The competition also received strong support from Hong Kong Government. Deputy Secretary of Development Bureau (works) Ms. Lin Jinping (JP) drew out the designated welding positions for the competition at the Opening Ceremony. Electrical and Mechanical Services Department Director General Mr. Xue Yongheng (JP) delivered a speech, and he believes that Hong Kong still has a lot of building and construction projects in the future, including the airport Three Runways and the Central Kowloon Route and so on. Moreover, old system needs to be repaired and updated. It is believed that the demand for excellent welding professionals is still very high and the future of this industry is bright.

The Director of Training & Development of Hong Kong Construction Industry Council Mr. Liang Weixiong pointed out that outsiders may misunderstand that welding is just a matter of combining two pieces of work without distinction, but in fact it is a kind of delicate craft. Therefore, the competition provides an opportunity for the public to understand this kind of skill and provides an excellent example of welding technicians for the industry as well.

The competition was held at the Aberdeen Process Testing Center of Hong Kong Construction Industry Council from Dec. 3rd to Dec. 9th. It attracted more than 40 competitors to compete for the awards. According to industry technical requirements, the competition is based on the International Welding Standard to assess the competitors’ abilities on operation and practical problems solving. More than 20 industry stakeholders support the competition and hope to communicate with each other, so as to enhance the technical level and professional image through the competition, then attract more young people.


Site Supervisor of 2017 2nd Hong Kong Welding Professional Skills Competition Introduced the Competition area of Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) to a Host of Officiating Guests


Deputy Secretary of Development Bureau (Works) Ms.Lin Jinping and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department Director General Mr. Xue Yongheng Showed Great Interests in Welding Virtual Reality Training Equipment


Competitors Concentrated on the Competition with sparks flying (First Day of the Competition Started on December 3rd)

The 2nd BRICS Skills Development & Technology Innovation Competition will be co-hosted in South Africa in August, 2018 by BRICS Business Council SDWGs, International Alliance of Skills Development (IASDBR) and Organizing Committee of BRICS Skills Development & Technology Innovation Competition. The competition will be held in three divisions: Main Division in South Africa, Sub-Division in China and Sub-Division in Russia. The 2018 Belt & Road and BRICS Skills Development & Technology Innovation Competition will be held in China, including China Selective Competition and China Division Competition. The competition focuses on advanced manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing. The main competition projects include Digital Skills such as Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Data Analytics, and Fiber Optics Line Installation and Service; Manufacturing and Engineering such as Polymechanics & Automation, Industrial Control, CNC Turning and CNC Milling, Composite Technologies, Industrial Robotics, Welding, Sheet Metal Technology, CNC Multi-Axis Machining, 3D, Machinary & Electricity and Intelligent Manufacturing; and Transportation such as Aircraft Maintenance, Industrial Assembling of Aircraft Items, etc.

2018 Arc Cup International Welding Competition will be held from June to July 2018. It is an important event of 2018 Belt & Road and BRICS Skills Development & Technology Innovation Competition. This competition includes the Second International Welding Technology Competition (New Welding Technology, Welding Equipment, Welding Material, Welding Process and Their Application Competition), Fifth International Robot Welding Competition (Welding Robots Demonstration Competition and Welding Robots Programming and Operation Competition) and Sixth International Welding Skills Competition (111/SMAW, 135/GMAW, 141/GTAW, 311/OFW, Finished-product Welding (111SMAW/141GTAW/135GMAW/136FCAW) and Welding Competition for Non-regulated Projects (Welding quality detection, Advanced welding equipment, Advanced welding skill performance and Special welding skills performance, etc.)).

Beijing ARC Xinxing Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in Chinese hard-facing industry, national high-tech enterprise, and Zhongguancun innovative enterprise. The business of Beijing ARC Company covers overlaying and remanufacturing of wear parts, additive manufacturing, wear-resistant welding wire, automatic overlaying equipment, automatic welding equipment, digital welding machine manufacturing, and robot system integration, etc. Beijing ARC Company occupies an international advanced position in the fields of wear-resistant materials, digital welding machine, overlaying equipment and hardfacing overlaying service. Since 2008, as the originator and organizer, Beijing ARC Company organized a series of "Arc Cup" international welding competition and exchange activities, which has been the important event and exchange activity among international welding field. As the opening event of 2017 BRICS Skills Development & Technology Innovation Competition and one of the important activities of China Section of BRICS Business Council during its presidency of BRICS countries, IIW·CWS·Arc Cup 2017 International Welding Competition got full support from the International Institute of Welding and won the recognition of the international welding industry. International Alliance of Skills Development (IASDBR) is one of the major achievements of the BRICS Business Council during China presidency of the BRICS countries which were formally announced to be set up on June 24th, 2017 in Shanghai.

pemenang beijing welding cup


Beijing - - A proud achievement was made by representatives of Kampuh Welding Indonesia students who represented Indonesia at the Welder International championship which took place at the Beijing Cona on September 5-10 at the ARC Cup 2019 by winning gold, silver and bronze medals in several categories contested in the championship. this.

From Beijing reported by Director of Kampuh Welding Indonesia, Moh Munir that with the help of all staff of Kampuh Welding Indonesia and Kampuh Welding Cikarang, in the form of thanks for their support and prayers, Kampuh Welding Indonesia once again presented to Indonesia First Prize Champion for the Product Finish Category, process SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, Muhammad Lutfi Zainul, Champion II First Prize for the SMAW category, Muhammad Lutfi Zainul and Champion III First Prize for the GMAW Process. Already Chumairoh.

Dr. Ir Zaed Yuliad said that this proud restoration was a continuation of the championship held in 2018 which also won many medals and led Indonesia to buy up medals in various types that were contested.

The team from Kampuh Welding Indonesia consisted of female participants Masudah Chomairoh and M.Ludfi ​​Zaenal at the guard of the Head of Masbukhin Instructor and GM Training Development Dr.Ir.Zaed Yuliadi

The proud achievement of Masudah chumairoh who won 3rd Prize in the First Prize for the GMAW Process is also a gold record for Kampuh Welding Indonesia and Cikarang Swrta for Indonesia because it can provide evidence that women can also become professional welder and take part in the industry.

Masbukhin, the instructor who assisted since training until the competition in Beijing said that the rik was prepared in such a way as to take part in the ARC Cup in Beijing for several months with special material so that students could achieve the best performance. Thank God they can prove that Indonesia can continue to excel in world championship this time.

Budi Setyo Utomo, Director of Kampuh Welding Cikarang also appreciated the students who represented the ARC Cup championship in Beijing, that Indonesian children also have equivalent welding skills or even more than other countries. This proves that technology and good lessons on practical theory can be applied well, including in this competition. Success for Kampuh Welding Indonesia which is trusted to represent Indonesia so that it can become champions in this championship.

Edhie Soedjatmiko who is the head of this program expresses his profound gratitude to the sponsors so that preparation, departure and until the competition runs smoothly and successfully, with the support of this sponsor can lead children to achieve proud international achievements for the nation and country.

Song of BRICS Skills Development Navigator

---The First BRICS Skills Development & Technology Innovation Competition

China has officially taken over the BRICS rotating presidency from Jan. 1st 2017. As one of the activities to promote politics, economics, humanities among BRICS countries, the 1st BRICS Skills Development & Technology Innovation Competition closed at Shanghai Institute of Technology on August 31st before the ninth meeting of BRICS leaders in Xiamen.

BRICS Skills Development & Technology Innovation Competition is one of the important achievements during the period of China serving as rotating presidency of BRICS Countries in 2017. The success of the competition has left a profound Chinese impression on BRICS mechanism and it also will be a long-term mechanism for BRICS cooperation.

The five independent events of the BRICS competition were held in Kunming, Nanning, Hangzhou, Shanghai respectively and the BRICS competition was strongly supported and extensively participated by the Chinese government and BRICS countries. Russia, India, South Africa participated in the competition events, selected and dispatched experts to participate in related activities. Belt &Road countries including  Kazakhstan, Slovakia,  Mongolia, Ukraine and Vietnam also responded to the invitation warmly and participated in the competition actively.

IIW·CWS·Arc Cup 2017 International Welding Competition

IIW·CWS·Arc Cup 2017 International Welding Competition was the opening event of BRICS Skills Development & Technology Innovation Competitionand was held in Shanghai from June 24th to 30th. A total of 73teams of more than 300 welding technicians and masters from Russia, India, China, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Mongolia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Cameroon, Nigeria and Spaintook part in this competition. All BRICS countries except Brazilparticipatedin the competition. The number of participants was as follows: China 253, Russia 50, India 5, South Africa 4. Nearly 1000 people from all walks of life attended the Opening and Closing Ceremony as well as various competition events.  Great attention has been given to the competition by domestic and foreign media, and China central television(CCTV) and Russia Central Television reported the event.

This International Welding Competition consisted of the First International Welding Technology Competition, the Fourth International Robot Welding Competition and the Fifth International Welding Skills Competition. Team Gold Prizes of enterprises were awarded for CRRC Group, Russia NAKS team and CEEC Group. In the BRICS countries, Russia won 4 first place, 1 second place, 1 third place in the individual prizes and 4 third grade prize. India competitor won a second place in the individual prizes. South Africa competitor won a first place in the individual prizes and other Prizes for China and corresponding participating teams.

The competition was once again awarded the “World Cup for Welding” with high level, participation, deep impact and IIW has praised its contribution to the progress of the world welding technology.




BRICS Maker Competition

45 teams of more than 400 people participated in the series activities of BRICS Maker Competition in Kunming from August18th to 20th. More than 200 youth markers from China, Russia, India, etc. started a collision of creative thinking and make friends across the country in the two days of “Spring City Appointment”.

Minister of Competition for the WorldSkills Russia Alliance, Atem Nikolaev delivered a speech on behalf of all teachers and competitors of BRICS at the opening ceremony. He guided 4 Russian competitors to complete the competition projects and he attracted a lot of attention and applause during explanation.

With the recommendations from a number of marker organizations and universities in China, the makers have brought 42 outstanding works of various characteristics for the finalcompetition. They set their sights on Grand Global Challenge, Co-faced unique problems and development opportunity by BRICS countries, combining with innovative ideas and advanced technologies,to create a number of creative, innovative, technical leading products with social significance and industrial value.

The competition creatively adopted the form of combining the project exhibition and the on-site maker marathon, highlighting the real value of the project and the project realization of the product. It also tested the maker team’s ability to respond to assessment expert advice on site and put forward improvement program. The competition invited 32 experts from colleges and universities, science and technology industry, cultural creativity industry as review committee members, and emphasize the comprehensive investigation towards the project in social value, creativity, function realization, industrial design and so on.



In combination with Data Mining and Modeling, China Unicom Research Institute has set up sub-event test to guide young makers to focus on the combination of new technologies and industrial applications in the digital age. The Institute of Cultural and Creative Development of Tsinghua University has given a special award of culture and creative industry for products around humanistic philosophy and creative industry.

The Blind Smart Helmet Project of Kunming University of Science and Technology, Smart Skate Project of Fab Lab, St.Petersburg, Pattern Recognition Smart Mirror of Guangdong University of Technology, King Kong Poet of Zhejiang University and Smart Living Steward of Northwestern Polytechnical University, etc. won the special cultural and creative award.

Machinery & Electricity Skills Competition

Machinery & Electricity Skills Competition was held in Nanning on August 20th to 22nd. 288 competitors of 74 delegations of 55vocational colleges from the whole country performed their unique skills and started intense competition on the project of “Complex Components CNC Multi-axis Machining Technology” and “Installation and Commissioning of Automatic Production Line”.Totally more than 450 competitors participated in serious activities of Machinery & Electricity Skills Competition.

Mechatronics, the basis of industrial automation, is the main trend of mechanical industry technology and product development and also an inevitable requirement of the development of social productivity. In recent ten years, China has not only explored a large number of skilled professionals through the skills competition, but also promoted the rapid development of the vocational education and skills teaching, which has played a role of learning to promote skills by competition.



South Africa dispatched a Focus Group consisting of 15representatives to learn organization experience from China. Two representatives from WorldSkills Russia visited the competition. Three officers from merSETA attended the Closing Ceremony, and they discussed with Chinese engineers and experts about the current situation of electro-mechanical skills development, prospect and competition organization.

Machinery & Electricity Skills Competition was held by Guangxi Technological College of Machinery and Electricity. The competition left a footprint in Guangxi and it also provides a platform for Guangxi to expand professional skills on education resources and attract professionals fully.

3D Printing and Intelligent Manufacturing Competition

3D printing and intelligent manufacturing Competition was held in Hangzhou, China from August 22nd to 26th. Over 300 technical professionals of 68 domestic colleges and universities from South Africa and Russia participated in the competition and more than 500 people participated in a series of competition activities.

Among the competitors, 6% of them are from the universities, 82% from the higher vocational colleges and 12% from the technician institutes. There was a fierce competition among 15 lecturers from different South African vocational colleges and 2 delegations from the WorldSkills Russia and many Chinese competitors. 5 officers from the merSETA watched the competition, and they thought that these competitions and the exchange and cooperation of the technical skills among the BRICS competitors would make the teachers of South Africa experience and learn new knowledge and skills, and it becomes one of the ways to promote the skills development in South Africa. By learning experience from China's skills competitions, they hope the BRICS can work together for common cooperation and progress.




This competition is composed of two projects. 30 teams participated in the 3D Printing Modeling Competition and 51 teams participated in the competition of the Operation and Maintenance of the Intelligent Manufacturing Production Line. Through practical operation and technical defense, fierce competition started. 8 indicators of international professional competence were brought in during the technical defense process to test the competitors’ comprehensive abilities of basic theory applicationto determine and analyze the professional technology and solve practical problems.

The competition covered key technologies in digitalization, networking and intelligence, fully demonstrating the development achievements of intelligent manufacturing technology and industry, leading the direction of cultivation of intelligent manufacturing professionals in short supply and the transformation and upgrading of professional institutions,  promoting the transformation of competition achievements and the  industry-college-institute international cooperation and promoting the application and promotion of 3D printing and intelligent manufacturing technologies among the BRICS countries and Belt & Road areas.

Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge Competition

The Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge Competition, held in Shanghai on August 26th-30th, was the final event of the BRICS competition. More than 1,500 people participated in the Closing Ceremony of the BRICS Competition. More than 2,000 teachers and students from nearly 133 colleges and universities in China and nearly 400 participating teams advanced to this national finals after fierce competition.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

11 Lecturers and 2 officers assigned by the merSETA, 1 delegation of WorldSkills Russia visited the competition venues, learned the competition rules and participated in some competition activities.

There were 8 official projects of the intelligent manufacturing finals, including continuous process design and development, continuous process application implementation, logic control design and development, logic control application implementation, motion system design and development, industrial information design and development, intelligent innovation research and development, industrial hardware research and development, and 1 trial running competition called industrial software research and development. This competition provided a practical platform to cultivate high-quality science and engineering professionals, testing the application ability of comprehensive knowledge of competitors. Based on this platform, young professionals can exchange knowledge, display skills and make progress together.





International Seminar on Skills Development and Technology Innovation

On the occasion of the BRICS competition, the Organizing Committee organized two "International Seminar on Skills Development and Technology Innovation" in Hangzhou and Shanghai respectively on August 24th and 29th. Professor Zha Jianzhong, presenter of UNESCO Chair on Cooperation Between Higher Engineering Education and Industries, delivered a report "Strategies for Training Professionals for the Future Workplace"; Mr. Middledorf, Former President of German Welding Society (DVS)/Consultant of German CONVERSIO Company,  introduced the report of “China Industry 4.0 for Smart Enterprise and Digital Economy” and conducted in-depth exchanges on the issue of intelligent manufacturing between China and Germany with experts from various institutions and enterprises. Ms. HESTER, Minister of the merSETA, introduced and analyzed the status quo of skills development and training in South Africa and approved of the skills development in China. By learning from China's experience, she hoped that someday some skills activities could be organized in South Africa.

Domestic and foreign experts, representatives of WorldSkills Russia, officers from the merSETA, the Observation Mission of South African Vocational School, Hangzhou Vocational & Technical College and Shanghai Institute of Technology attended the two Seminars. Across the language barrier, people fully exchanged and interacted with each other. The seminars won the praise of the participants.


The significance and future of the BRICS Competition

In recent years, the BRICS countries have continuously optimized their own industries and become a major economic driver for the new round of world economic development. In this context, it is of particular significance for BRICS countries holding skills development and technology innovation competition.

First of all, the outcome of the competition has been fully affirmed by the top. During the meeting of BRICS leaders in Xiamen on September 4th, President Xi Jinping pointed out that the work of the Business Council and New Development Bank had achieved important results. He said: "The Business Council has done a great job in areas of e-commerce and skills development and has achieved good achievements."


Dr. Liu Zhenying reporting the SDWG work during the meeting of the BRICS Business Council in Shanghai (Left)

Dr. Liu Zhenying attending the meeting of BRICS leaders in Xiamen (Right)

Secondly, the competition focuses on the skills development and technology innovation. It is a high-level skills competition with a wide range, strict requirement and high standard. Dr. Liu Zhenying, Chairman of BRICS Business Council SDWG and Chairman of Executive Committee of BRICS Competition said, under the background of BRICS and the "Belt &Road" initiative, the competition has taken place, taken root in China and opened up to the world. The competition aimed to promote the cooperation of engineering professionals cultivation, scientific research, cultural exchanges as well as the Industry-University Collaboration along Belt & Road countries and regions.

Thirdly, the competition ran its own characteristics, for example, it’s the first time to integrate the elements of internationalization, especially the BRICS elements into the industry vocational education competition; it’s the first time to show the trend of coordinated development of the pattern of intelligent manufacturing development and education by the competition; it’s the first time to create a new model of production and education’s collaborative development, innovation and optimization in the field of high-end technologies.

Finally, the competition becomes the cornerstone of the BRICS and global skills development in the future. On September 1st, the 2017 Annual Meeting of BRICS Business Council in Shanghai, South Africa was identified as the BRICS Chair in 2018 and it will organize the next BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation. During the meeting, Russia decided to Organize BRICS plus competition in 2020. These are all based on this successful BRICS competition organized by China.

The future of the BRICS competition must be open and flexible with fixed BRICS competition projects. At present, China is planning to cooperate with China Unicom Group to jointly establish a big data network platform. Based on this platform, BRICS competitors can  participate in the competition via the Internet remotely so that the competition costs are reduced greatly and more competitors from other countries will be attracted.

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