The "ASIAN WELDING FEDERATION (AWF)" is a federation formed by the Asian Welding Societies/institutes/associations.

The AWF is a non-profit making organization devoted to the improvemnt and promotion of welding technology through the exchange of scientific information and knowledge for the betterment of the welding communities in Asia in terms of economics and technological progress and growth

Following are the major objectives of AWF:

    Standardisation of Welding skill & Qualification.
    Develop a formal structure to promote and guide towards a common welding standard for Asia.
    Defining common guidelines for education, training, qualification & certification of personnel in welding & related technologies.
    Serving as a common & united front in international welding affairs and standardisation in welding practices.
    Upgrading technology in developing countries to have better living standard.

No, Individuals cannot become member of AWF. It is open to organisations only.

Societies, Institutes devoted for the cause of welding in Asian Countries can become members, subject to meet the eligiility criteria of AWF charter.

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